leadership dot #2375: power pack

On Christmas morning, it is inevitable that something requires batteries. And what fun is that toy/thermometer/walkie talkie if you are unable to play with it on the spot?!

To help families be prepared for holiday mornings, birthday parties or just general readiness, Duracell has come up with an ingenious method of packaging. Instead of selling individual size batteries, the company now offers a multi-pack that comes with AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt batteries packaged together. With one purchase, you can be prepared for all those unexpected battery needs. I wonder why it has taken so long for the company to sell their product in this grouping.

What can your organization do to make its product offering more convenient for your customers? Instead of selling things piecemeal, consider how you can combine them into a package or series to make it more efficient for everyone.

About the Author leadership dots by dr. beth triplett

Dr. beth triplett is the owner of leadership dots, offering coaching, training and consulting for new supervisors. She also shares daily lessons on her leadershipdots blog. Her work is based on the leadership dots philosophy that change happens through the intentional connecting of small steps in the short term to the big picture in the long term.

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