Connect the dots instead.

It’s easy to believe that there is one simple solution to all leadership challenges. But that’s not reality.

Instead, the leadership dots philosophy drills down to the very core of systemic change: consistently making intentional connections that foster change, bit by bit and step by step.

Let dr. beth triplett’s approach help you find new success — one dot at a time.

Our Leadership Team was at a crossroads about the theory and/or models we wanted to adopt for our leadership programs and the best way(s) to get our students to their destination. Fortunately, we reached out to Dr. Triplett and within a few weeks, she was on campus facilitating powerful exercises and discussions. Her engaging style, expert facilitation skills and willingness to challenge the group to share our varied ideas to come up with a direction was invaluable. It was apparent she had studied our institution and our values in designing our 1 1/2 days together. After her visit to Marquette University, the team is more confident and motivated as we collaboratively plan for the upcoming year.

Joya Crear, Marquette University

I have had the opportunity to participate in two of beth’s facilitated workshops regarding being a STAR Supervisor. Outside of being an extremely engaging speaker, she also gives tangible suggestions to attendees of things that they can do to become a more productive, creative, and efficient supervisor. Since attending beth’s workshops, I have implemented suggestions surrounding the on-boarding process, documenting supervisee’s projects, and more.  beth’s style is one that lends itself for you as an attendee to reflect on what you are currently doing while challenging you to think about how you can better engage as a student affairs professional.

Courtney James, DePaul University

Dr. Triplett more than anyone I ever worked with has the uncanny ability to assess a situation quickly, sort out its larger and smaller parts, identify possible solutions, and conceive a pathway to resolution that brings both people and systems into productive harmony.

Keith Lovin, Maryville University

beth’s professional coaching served as a touchstone for me as I transitioned into a new, challenging position in a changing environment.  She helped me see that my approach to my work could not simply be to work harder or even to work smarter.  I had to work “different”.  And as am still (and always will be) evolving in this role, I refer to her nuggets often to remind and re-center my work.

In beth’s seminar on supervision with my Associate Directors, she introduced a foundational framework that we still refer to on a regular basis as I support them to consistently and effectively supervise their teams (almost a year later).

Leslie Heusted, Washington University in St. Louis

If you are a university or business, and you want your students, staff and faculty to be trained to become better leaders and more high impact contributors, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Beth Triplett and Leadership Dots as your next call. Not only is she a fantastic leader herself, but she is far and away the BEST trainer, educator and consultant in the business.

Matt Rogers, NCSA Athletic Recruiting

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