Why learn supervision through trial and error?

Connect the dots instead.

It’s easy to believe that there is one simple solution to all leadership challenges. But that’s not reality.

Instead, the leadership dots philosophy drills down to the very core of systemic change: consistently making intentional connections that foster change, bit by bit and step by step.

Let dr. beth triplett’s approach help you find new success — one dot at a time.


I’ve had several people do coaching with leadership dots and the results have been great! My team loves working with beth, and I can see the impact of her coaching through their increased confidence and communication. What started out as short-term coaching for a couple people has turned into a multi-phase plan for various members of my staff, thanks to how effective beth’s coaching has been for us.

Brian Gardner, White Flag Church

— “Loved, loved, loved your sessions. Engaging and informative.”

— “Loved the amount of ‘usable’ content shared! A lot of sessions tend to yield content that’s good in theory but hard to implement. You are a valuable educator!”

— “You give great examples and ideas. I enjoyed hearing the different ideas you had.”

— “So many awesome ideas. I am excited to go back and try them.”

— “Really stimulated beneficial thoughts and plans moving forward.”

— “A lot of the material is easy to follow and can be applied to my daily life right now.”

Minnesota Middle Management Association Conference Participants

Beth has excellent presentation skills and is a great facilitator.  She makes the content come alive and it’s easy to remember the key takeaways.  We were able to come away from strategic planning with a clear and actionable path forward.

Jennifer Cavanagh, MercyOne and Fountain of Youth

During the summer our Student Affairs team had the opportunity to work with beth triplett for a half-day workshop with staff from every corner of the division. beth utilized change management and organizational behavior strategies to provide practical tools that each department could apply in their units. Staff from the across the division, both new and seasoned professionals, found the session impactful.

Miriam Roccia, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Our Leadership Team was at a crossroads about the theory and/or models we wanted to adopt for our leadership programs and the best way(s) to get our students to their destination. Fortunately, we reached out to Dr. Triplett and within a few weeks, she was on campus facilitating powerful exercises and discussions. Her engaging style, expert facilitation skills and willingness to challenge the group to share our varied ideas to come up with a direction was invaluable. It was apparent she had studied our institution and our values in designing our 1 1/2 days together. After her visit to Marquette University, the team is more confident and motivated as we collaboratively plan for the upcoming year.

Joya Crear, Marquette University

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