Connect the dots instead.

It’s easy to believe that there is one simple solution to all leadership challenges. But that’s not reality.

Instead, the leadership dots philosophy drills down to the very core of systemic change: consistently making intentional connections that foster change, bit by bit and step by step.

Let dr. beth triplett’s approach help you find new success — one dot at a time.

“As a young, first time Director of Admissions, having a mentor like Beth helped me to quickly understand my role, how to advocate for what I needed to get the job done, and guided me in prioritizing what I needed to do to be successful.”

Tim Lee, SUNY-Albany

“Hiring beth triplett as an enrollment consultant is an investment that will quickly pay immediate dividends. When she began working with us at Hilbert College, she quickly analyzed our data and identified a priority list of how we could adopt best practices to increase enrollment, leverage financial aid, and reconsider our marketing strategies. She was able to establish ‘buy in’ from the admissions and financial aid leadership as well as the Cabinet. She really made a difference in our enrollment results.”

Cynthia Zane, Hilbert College President

“beth’s experience with people and teams has given her an expertise in coaching to attain the desired outcome. Her ability to see things in a macro format with various implications on all involved, yet communicate simple high-level changes that have an immediate impact has been very valuable to me and my team at NACA.”

Toby Cummings, National Association for Campus Activities

“It was both a luxury and a practical necessity to have beth triplett as a supervisor and coach when I was a newly hired Director of Undergraduate Admissions.  She asked the tough questions every step of the way as I drank from the fire hose of enrollment management. I’m a better problem solver, strategist, supervisor and communicator thanks to beth’s expertise.”

Colleen Ezzeddine, The McMillan Group