Those who know me or have read previous blogs know that I am a big fan of handwritten letters. I think that using a pen instead of a computer makes a mighty difference in the impression it conveys and the meaning that it carries.

I am not alone in my thinking. My friend Wendy shared The World Needs More Love Letters site with me, and I became an instant volunteer in their program. The effort, led by Hannah Brencher, encourages people to write love letters (eg: words of encouragement and hope) to total strangers. 

Hannah writes letters and leaves them about town, and she also coordinates the collection and delivery of letter bundles. People can nominate others to receive a packet of 200+ letters, all written by strangers, in response to postings on The World Needs More Love Letters blog. The current entries include Valerie who is facing medical challenges, Jordan who is preparing to transition out of rehab and Anna who is battling low self esteem. Strangers write, letters are collected, and then the lucky person is gifted with a bundle of love. I can feel the power by just looking at the pictures of handwritten notes in stacks, all tied together with a bow.

In this time of turmoil where the news too frequently features violence and hate, I encourage you to contribute a simple letter to counterbalance the negativity. Can you take just a few moments to let someone know that they are not alone in the world, and that we all share a common bond of being human? The World Needs More Love Letters, and it needs you to write one.

beth triplett

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