I have always felt a special sense of admiration for brides who call off their wedding.  By the time the big day draws near, there is so much momentum and pressure that I think it would be an incredibly difficult thing to do.

Instead of wallowing in pity or sadness, one bride who cancelled her festivities made the most of it.  She held her reception anyway — complete with a catered meal in a fancy hotel — but instead of inviting the original guests, she invited the area homeless to enjoy.  The ex-bride and her mother also went on the trip originally booked as the honeymoon.

While you hopefully won’t find yourself in the position of calling off your wedding, it is likely that you will encounter a dilemma where there is a pull to continue and a significant downside to altering your path.  Instead of staying the course rather than lose the money, remember this bride and think of a way to create a positive outcome both in the short and long run.

— beth triplett


Source: Canceled California Wedding Leads to Feast for Homeless

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