As I went through the TSA security lines at the airport and had to remove my shoes, I thought about the “shoe bomber” and how his unsuccessful little stunt has changed the way millions need to go through screening.

Same with those who caused my regular-size tube of toothpaste to become contraband and bottle of perfume to be considered a hazardous material on the plane.  The action of one has ramifications far beyond what was anticipated.

The world is full of one-time events that trigger regulations or practices that live on for years.  The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 resulted in requirements for one life vest per person on vessels, something that is still part of maritime law today.  The fire in the Cocoanut Grove night club fire in 1942 is the impetus for crash bars on all commercial doors and led to establishment of numerous other building codes and standards.

One person and one event can make a lasting difference.  Use your power to make change for the good instead of waiting for a tragedy to compel people to act.

— beth triplett

Thanks Curt!

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