Most people know that honey bees use a hexagon (six-sided) shape to create their hives, but have you ever asked yourself why.

It turns out that while a circle is the most efficient space in isolation, a hexagon is the best when you are putting them all together.  A hexagon creates the most space for bees to store their nectar as well as making their hive a secure fortress in which the bees can live.

A short video about “if bees went to architectural school” simply illustrates the logic and math behind this.

Think about what shape you are: a circle, who operates wonderfully on your own, or a hexagon, who works best when part of a larger effort.  Like the bees, being most efficient independently may not be your goal.

— beth triplett

Original source:  Great Work Provocations by Box of Crayons, July 30, 2015

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