If you know anything about recent Broadway musicals, you’ll know that Wicked was a mega-hit.  It has been performing to crowds on Broadway for 12 years and has nine touring companies around the world bringing in even more cash. Wicked has grossed over $3 billion and been seen by over 40 million people — many (like me!) seeing it multiple times.

And, yet, it did not win the Tony Award for Best Musical*.  

Another musical, Something Rotten, is trying to play off of that fact and benefit from a concept known as transference, where people shift emotions associated from one thing to another.  As the theory goes, if Wicked lost but was still that good, I guess Something Rotten could be good too even though it is a self-proclaimed loser.

Transference is in play with celebrity endorsements, the use of puppies in commercials, people who flaunt branded fashion or cars, and many other settings.  It’s a natural part of our make up, but something that you would do better to keep in your consciousness instead of sub-conscious.  

Think about how your organization can benefit from transference — and how you personally attribute traits to others who may not actually possess them.  Don’t automatically assume that other readers of leadershipdots are smart and savvy (even though they very well may be!!!)

— beth triplett

 *Avenue Q won in 2004

Source: http://m.playbill.com/news/article/wicked-becomes-first-broadway-musical-to-gross-over-3-million-in-one-week-213296

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