I had never heard of parkour before, but the picture on the front page of the Telegraph Herald caught my attention.  This woman was practicing for the National Collegiate Competition in a sport that was unknown to me.  I had to learn more!

A version of parkour has been around for more than a century, starting as a training program for the French Special Forces.  It is a sport with a focus of “obstacle passing”, emphasizing military style discipline that allows participants to overcome hurdles in a timed environment.  Parkour can be a competition, but also can be a training regimen practiced alone.  

What I liked about it is that it is about perspective as much as it is about fitness.  “Parkour involves seeing one’s environment in a new way, and imagining the potentialities for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over and under its features.”

It sounds like a lesson for life.  Maybe parkour can be the official sport of leadershipdots!  Seeing the interrelationships between culture and environment can often be the difference in connecting the dots and making sense out of our world.  Perhaps you can try to move literally through the world with parkour as well as mentally navigating new paths through dot lessons.

Either way, enjoy overcoming obstacles.

— beth triplett

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkour

Photo by Nicki Kohl in the Telegraph Herald, p. 1A  September 10, 2015

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