Yesterday was new student move-in day on our campus.  It is one of my favorite days of the year, not only because students and the energy they bring have returned, but because it is a day filled with so much promise and hope. 

I was reminded of the current Kelly Clarkson hit “Invincible”.  For the longest time, I thought she was singing invisible.  And it occurred to me yesterday that most of the new students fall into one category or the other.  Some feel that they are kings or queens in a new land and the world is theirs to conquer.  At the moment, there are no worries about grades or money or success; they are invincible.  Others are scared to death, afraid that they won’t make friends or ever fit in; they feel invisible.

There are only a few distinct letters in the two words, but a chasm of difference.

I think the choice for new students at the moment is a paraphrase to the famous Henry Ford quote: “Whether you think you’re invincible or invisible, you’re right.”

Which will you be today?

— beth triplett

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