If, as I described yesterday, your charity of choice doesn’t hold a fund raising event, it seems that the next most preferred option is to host a silent auction.

For as many of these as I have attended, you would think I would have learned by now that these two things are mutually exclusive:
a) you can bid low until the very, very end and think that you are going to get something for a bargain
b) you can bid high and be the winner to actually obtain the item

I have come to believe that you can’t bid low and win, even if you are lured into thinking you can for all but the last minute of the event.

Silent auctions are a metaphor for organizational change. You strategize. You plan. You have the best of intentions.  And in the end, change often happens in a way that you did not expect.  More often than not, some external force intervenes and you have a different outcome than you prepared for.

It helps to know this, and to adjust your mindset — and your bidding — accordingly.  

— beth triplett

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