If you’re like many people, you will make a trip to Walmart or Sam’s Club this weekend.  Both establishments have a position that is officially known as a “people greeter”, but they also have the task of checking receipts of those exiting.

In theory, this is a good idea.  In practice, it is a waste of my time and their money.

Earlier this week, I visited Walmart and my cart contained items from three totally separate orders.  We handed the clerk a receipt for only one. Just out of convenience not malice, it was the one with the fewest and smallest items on it.  We passed without a query.

Look at this cart: cases of pop, multiple bags and yet a receipt with insoles and Gatorade gets us a free pass out the door.  What sense does that make?

I am all in favor of monitoring purchases to keep everyone’s prices down, but a quasi-check without any diligence is just adding to costs, not loss prevention.

If you are going to add a step to your processes, make sure that it adds value — in reality, not just in a policy manual.  

— beth triplett

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