I am often reminded about the importance of timing when trying to impact change.

In class last week, we entertained the idea of rearranging our schedule.  We had a very good discussion about options, challenges and compromises, but in the end we couldn’t get the agreement we needed to change.  I believe this was because the change was too soon — if we had held the same discussion at the beginning of the semester about rearranging one date, people would have had the time necessary to make adjustments and accommodations.  But the week before put too much pressure on the timing.

The same is true when giving input into a project.  If you wait until something is published or posted before asking questions, feedback is different than if the same query was posed in the draft stages.  Earlier is productive whereas later is often ineffectual.

Think about the when of your efforts.  More time allows for more options, and a focus on the idea itself instead of just the timing of it. 

— beth triplett

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