What are you doing this weekend?  If you are like many dog owners, you’ll spend a portion of the weekend cleaning your yard of the “deposits” your pooch has made.

But not if you hire “Tri-State Poop Pickers”!  This is a bona fide business that has capitalized on the fact that the least desirable part of dog ownership is the clean-up portion.  Why not offer a service to do it for you?

Think about the things that people don’t want to do: Set up tents and haul camping gear (see yesterday’s blog).  Run errands.  Do laundry.  Wrap presents.  Hang Christmas lights on the house.  Bake cupcakes.  Calculate tax returns.  Clean duct work.  Detail cars.  Trim toenails.  Iron shirts.

There are tasks you don’t mind doing that others hate to do.  The trick is matching the two.  Think about what you personally or your organization has to offer that may be necessary but undesirable for others.  Can you install software as a side business?  Scan documents?    Pet sit?  Haul cargo?  Tutor kids?  Handle registrations?  Rake leaves?  File FAFSAs?

Follow the motto of the Poop Pickers and “take crap from anyone!”

— beth triplett


Thanks to Amy for sharing!

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