There are those that love camping and those who think “roughing it” is sleeping in the Motel 6 instead of a Westin.  But the smart folks in Forest City, Iowa have come up with a whole new category of housing: Glamping.  

Glamping is glamorous camping — an ingenious way to multiply the housing options in the tiny town and accommodate visitors during the Tree Town Music Festival.  You can reserve “furnished” tents, all set up for you, that include duvets, mini-fridges, foot baths, WiFi, outlets, smoke detectors, decorative pillows and beds with memory foam mattresses.  You live in “Glamping Village” with all the social amenities of a hotel.  It is brilliant.

I can picture the meeting where this idea evolved: where could we house double our population for two nights?  People could camp on lawns, but they don’t want to haul all that stuff to a music festival.  Well, what if we provided it for them….

Glamping is not cheap ($975 for a queen tent for the weekend), but for the novelty, convenience and camaraderie it provides, I suspect it will be worth it for many people.  

How can you emulate Forest City’s glamping and create something totally new to solve a problem your organization has?  Think outside the tent and be crazy creative!

— beth triplett



Thanks to Megan for sharing!

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