I was invited by my internet company to upgrade my speed “FREE” for 12 months.  I just have to call them and they will do whatever they do to make my connection faster.  How nice.

Only it really isn’t nice; it’s a ploy to get me hooked on “faster” so I pay a premium for it next year and every year after that.  

I took a pass on their “gift”, and some may wonder why didn’t I just enjoy the year for free. My answer: because my time is not free.  The time it takes to wait in their interminable queue first to sign up, and then later to revert to the original, is not free.  It’s actually more valuable to me than money.

Many people dismiss the cost of time.  We are getting a new credit card system at work and everyone had to attend an hour-long training to learn how to use the system to code our charges.  The meeting I attended had 35 administrators in it, and was one of three meetings offered.  I wonder if we calculated the cost of that time into the analysis of benefits.

It is not free when there is time invested in something.  You wouldn’t throw away money.  Take the same care with how you spend your time.

— beth triplett

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