One subtle trend that I have noticed is the growing emphasis that marketers and retailers are giving to holidays.  

It used to be that just Christmas was featured in stores.  A few years ago, Halloween and Easter started gaining shelf space.  

Now there are specialized products for about every holiday imaginable:  St. Patrick’s Day versions of Lucky Charms, special Oreos for each season, “Horray for Mom” ready to bake cookies for Mother’s Day, chocolate chips color coordinated for each season, M&Ms for each holiday — the list goes on and on in the food aisles alone, to say nothing of the proliferation of decorations, dishware and table settings, and holiday-themed jewelry.

I live in a part of the country where there are four distinct seasons.  I wonder if they sell “Spring Velvet” cake mix in places where the weather is like spring all year?  Do they have “Winter Oreos” in California?

Something must be working for the manufacturers to go through the trouble and expense of creating products with a shorter lifespan.  Is there something you can do to take advantage of the holiday craze as well?  

— beth triplett

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