I have a television that only serves as a screen to allow me to watch DVDs and an occasional show on-line, but I don’t have cable or other services.  No broadcast TV, live action or streaming.  And I don’t even miss it.

So I find it amusing that people have televisions in every room of their home. I try to get away from the distractions, but many people want TV everywhere.

A hotel suite in Minneapolis took the technology one step further:  they included a bathroom mirror with a television image embedded in it. The mirror served as a touch screen and programming appeared on the surface.  You didn’t even have to look away from brushing your teeth or shaving — the game was right below your nose.

I think this served two purposes:  to make the hotel gain a point in the ever-competitive “hotel wars” to see who can outdo the next guy by impressing guests with the latest new technology gadget, and to provide a service by delivering television when and where the guests want it.  Convenience, service, and a wow-factor — a combination hard to achieve these days.

Is there a way for your organization to infuse a “wow” experience into your work?  Is there one tiny aspect of what you do that you could take to a new level to give your clients cause for pause?  You probably can’t afford to be cutting edge with many things, but even having one element of it may be worth it for the impression it leaves about your whole organization.

— beth triplett

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