When I was in Minneapolis, I, like many other visitors, was entranced by watching a light show that revolved around the top of a building.  The night we watched featured an aquarium full of animated multi-colored fish.  Apparently it also changes to reflect holidays, sporting events and the seasons.  It was quite entertaining.

I imagine that the technology to display it did not come cheaply, so I was surprised that it had no identifying information on any of the displays or on the building.  I asked my sister (who lives there) about the owner, but even she did not know.  Finally, I asked at the hotel and learned that it is the Target Corporation World Headquarters. Of course. It’s a great way for Target to live out their “expect more” brand — if only they would connect themselves to it.

It seems to be a missed opportunity that they don’t include a subtle bullseye every few rotations.  They manage to weave their logo into gift cards without distracting from the aesthetic or design value of them; couldn’t they do the same on their electronic display?

Think about what you have in your organization that could become a distinguishing marquee for yourself.  Do you have a prominent window, side of a building, mobile vehicle or boulevard that could proclaim your brand while adding to the aesthetics of the area?
And take a look around. Is your logo on display where you already have a presence (on t-shirts of community volunteers, on your service outlets or at your partnership locations)?  If you don’t tell your story, who will?

— beth triplett

About the Author leadership dots by dr. beth triplett

Dr. beth triplett is the owner of leadership dots, offering coaching, training and consulting for new supervisors. She also shares daily lessons on her leadershipdots blog. Her work is based on the leadership dots philosophy that change happens through the intentional connecting of small steps in the short term to the big picture in the long term.

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