I recently read a letter to “Dear Amy” from the parent of a 7-year old girl.  The child tested in the 99th percentile in cognitive ability and the parents were asking Amy (of all people) whether they should put their daughter in a gifted program because they wanted her to “remain humble.”

Amy’s advice:  “Pretend she is a brilliant little boy, and take it from there.  The world does not need another little girl who hides her bright light under the cloak of humility.”  Yeah Amy!

It reminded me of a cartoon that a colleague sent me about the gender differences with toys.  Take a look at: http://seasonaldepressioncomic.com/20/14/12/06/lego-friends/

Often with good intentions, we create labels that limit our thoughts rather than expand them. This happens not only with little girls and boys, but in many other situations.  People don’t think they can do something because they aren’t the leader.  Children don’t chime in with ideas because they aren’t the parent. Citizens refrain from stepping up and leave the politicians to solve the problems.  

We need brilliance wherever and whenever we can find it.  Let your light shine!

— beth triplett

Ask Amy: Parents thrilled but confused after tests by Amy Dickinson, January 30, 2015 in the Telegraph Herald, p. 14C 

Thanks Emily for sharing the cartoon.

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