My friend has an Otter Box phone case — the industrial strength kind that is designed to protect his phone when he drops it off the roof at a construction site or it falls from his pocket on concrete.  He sings its praises all the time, and recently said: “I would do a commercial for these guys — for free!”

It got me thinking about who I would do a commercial for.  Good old Noxzema face cream. Benadryl anti-itch spray.  The world’s greatest Blizzak snow tires.  Diet Coke, especially from McDonalds where it is always extra cold and delicious.  Of course, Sharpies, the greatest writing implement on earth.  And Aveeno skin relief hand cream (not lotion) that truly was recommended to me by a dermatologist.  

It is an odd assortment of products that have earned my brand loyalty.  Too bad that none of them know it or have capitalized on my devotion.

Maybe there are people out there who would gladly taut your organization or sing your praises — if you only asked them to.  We rely on voluntary heralding via social media, but it may be in your best interest to actually solicit feedback.  The testimonials you receive could be telling.

— beth triplett

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