I was having a conversation with a woman who was trying to lose weight (aren’t we all!?).  She said that she “went to the donut store, but I realized that I didn’t want a donut.  I wanted three.  So I didn’t buy any.”

Her lesson is a good one for all of us.  Sometimes we are better off having none, when some won’t fulfill us.  

NO gambling, if you have trouble stopping. NO potato chips, if you can’t eat just one.  NO taking a nap if 20 minutes always turns into 2 hours.  NO going to the Amazon site if you can’t resist buying every time you are there.  NO skipping a day of exercise/blog-writing/fill-in-the-blank if you know it will lead to excuse after excuse.  

Think about what you can do less of instead of always doing more.  NO may be your very best strategy for success.

— beth triplett

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