Last Friday, our board of trustees voted to add football to our intercollegiate sports offerings beginning in 2018.  As the chair of the strategic planning committee that originally proposed it and then of the recent task force that researched implementation, I am personally gratified as to how the vote turned out.  

There are many people like me who are excited about this decision, but also a large number who think it is a bad thing for us. As a result of the mixed feelings, the overall reaction has been a bit subdued.  In the long run, I hope our hesitancy about creating hoopla does not waste recruitment and public relations opportunities for us.

It is a delicate balance to navigate when there is passion on both sides of an issue.  I feel this way after any major election; some will be excited that a candidate won and others will be disappointed.  It also happens with any controversial project where there is a split opinion: part of the people will feel like winners while others will mourn their loss.

In a group setting, it is important to temper your enthusiasm — save those fist bumps and high fives for private exchanges with those you know share your sentiment — and for those who wished for another outcome to accept the reality and vow to move forward in support.

At the end of the day, everyone can be appreciative that a decision was made; knowing that the process was fair and those who were doing the deciding had the best interest of the organization at heart.  Those characteristics make for a victory no matter which side you are rooting for.

— beth triplett

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