Over the holidays, I watched the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon.  I think I have seen it every year since it debuted in 1966, and hope to see it again for all my Christmases to come.

I was particularly struck this time at how rudimentary the drawings are.  Dr. Seuss’s magic was in telling stories, not in fancy art.  

I think of people out there who limit themselves as to what they can do.  If someone would have looked at Ted Geisel’s drawings at face value, they may have discouraged him from becoming a children’s book author/illustrator because he may not have had the most sophisticated or commercially viable production in his art class.

But his gift was in telling stories, and creating language, and crafting them in such a way that has taught children to read and warmed hearts for decades.

Don’t limit your own possibilities.  Take your passions and create wonder around them.  

— beth triplett


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