One of the presents I received for Christmas was a farmer’s almanac.  The original Robert B. Thomas Farmer’s Almanac was founded in 1792, and though Robert is obviously long gone, he still receives credit on the 2015 version as the author.

The Farmer’s Almanac #223 contains data that is “calculated on a new and improved plan for the Year of Our Lord 2015, being the 3rd after Leap Year and (until July 4) the 239th year of American Independence.”

In addition to the weather calculations, it claims to contain “new, useful and entertaining matter.”  And that it does.  It is sort of like surfing the internet, only on paper.

I learned:
> how to use coffee grounds to diminish cellulite and varicose veins

> that if we work a 40 hour work week from age 22 to 65 with 2 weeks vacation each year, we will have only spent 9 years, 10 months actually on the job!  (where does the other time go!)

> to watch on September 27-28 for the total eclipse of the Moon; the only one of four eclipses that will be seen from Iowa this year

> that a trend is more residential developments with farms on the property.  “Farms are the new golf courses.”

Take a stroll back to 1792 and pretend you are on the farm porch devouring all the interesting tidbits in the annual publication.  Everything doesn’t have to be high tech to be enjoyable.

— beth triplett


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