I received a pair of Isotoner gloves for Christmas.  They are cozy and warm and I think I will love them.

I was reading the packaging (as only marketers do) and noticed their Quality Guarantee.  It touted that their product “should be of the highest quality” and offered to replace it if it proved to be defective within one year.

But then, the kicker:  “Please return the defective product along with $5.00 for shipping and handling to…”

What?!  Who thought it would be a good idea to make the customer pay for replacement of a defective item?  It’s bad enough that a) the product was of poor quality and b) the customer has to ship the gloves back to the company, but now they want you to pay a third time to have them returned to you.  Unbelievable.  I hope their gloves are better than their guarantee.

Is your organization doing something similarly stupid without even realizing it?  Have an outside party give your customer service promise the “Isotoner test”, and hope you don’t fail it like they did.

— beth triplett

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