The gloves I wrote about yesterday were an especially welcome present because I recently lost a pair of my gloves.  I am a very responsible adult, but somewhere in that warm spell when I had them shoved in my pocket instead of protecting my hands, they fell out.  I did not realize it until the weather turned cold again, and by then, I had traversed too many places to retrace my steps.

Even though I hold out no hope of finding them, I still instinctively look for them.  And what I have found is that a lot of people lose gloves.  Almost every parking lot or store entrance has one glove lying there or sitting on a ledge hoping to be reclaimed.

I wonder, if the chance of loss is so prevalent, why gloves don’t come with a natural place to write contact information so that they may be reunited with their owner.  Why doesn’t every glove have a strip inside that could contain a phone number, so when one is found the store or Good Samaritan could easily place a call?  This could apply to adults, as I can attest, as well as to children’s gloves and winter accessories.

It seems that lost gloves are a problem that everyone accepts instead of trying to solve.  Do you have things in your organization that are like that — annoyances or issues that are “just the way it is”?  Most times, like with gloves, there is a better way, if only someone would take a little time to implement it.

Try to be that someone today.

— beth triplett

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