Over the holidays, relatives spent a fair amount of time challenging each other on Trivia Crack, an (apparently addictive) app of random questions.  One of the queries was about shark bites.

The media has done much to portray sharks as fierce, deadly creatures.  But in the United States, there are only about 16 attacks annually, which result in one death every other year. We hear about them because when put in perspective with the number of people who encounter sharks, they are rather rare.

Contrast that with bees.  They seem like innocuous little insects, but in actuality 54 deaths were attributed to bee stings in the U.S. in 2000 (actually to allergic reactions to the toxins in the sting).  Still, the bees are more of a menace to most than the Great Whites.

It seems that overall sharks get a bad rap and all the attention, when in reality, we would be wise to pay more attention to the bees.

It is like that in much of life.  As I have written about repeatedly, it really is the small things that make the difference.

— beth triplett


Shark information from Wikipedia
Bee information from buzzaboutbees.net

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