Today is a casual day at work — one of those serendipitous days when the staff association sponsors a “tailgate” potluck lunch and everyone can wear football jerseys and jeans.

My guess is that people will be more productive than usual.  While I wear suits most days and most wear professional business attire, there is an inherent energy that comes from casual wear.  

I know for myself that when I am more comfortable, I spend less energy on carrying myself, worrying about clothes, etc.  I do some of my best writing in a raggy sweatshirt and sweatpants (at home, of course!)

The irony is that there is also an inherent energy that comes from being very dressed up — a shot of adrenaline comes with that special new outfit or “board meeting attire”.  I become more attentive and carry myself differently, as do others when they are wearing their best.

Mixing up the dress code for a day is an easy way to infuse some momentum into your workplace.  Encouraging casual attire around a theme or incentivizing dressing up for an occasion can help staff to feel differently and approach their work from a fresh perspective.  Even a new “uniform” shirt can change the feel of the environment for a short while.

Be intentional about the fabric you are weaving in your culture.

— beth triplett

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