Tomorrow is the big day, so many people will be scrambling tonight to put together a Halloween costume for a party or trick-or-treating.  Some have put great time and effort into costumes for themselves or their children.  I am sure that the Elsa and Anna costumes from Frozen are sold out!

But if you find yourself facing October 31 with no costume to be had, there are many options still available to you.  In fact, some of the more creative costumes cost the least and happen at the last minute.

Some suggestions for you:

> Cover yourself in small boxes of cereal and add a knife or noose = serial killer

 > Cut out a map, put the states on a string and wrap it around you = America On-Line (remember them?)

> Wear a slip = Freudian slip

> Wear an apron and carry an iron = Iron Chef

> Cut out a Pi symbol and put on an orange shirt = pumpkin pie

> Tape a $1 bill to each of your ears = Buccaneer (buck an ear)

> Put the words “Go Ceiling!” on a shirt and carry pom poms = ceiling fan

You get the idea.  Look at objects around you and see them in a new light.  Challenge yourself to utilize clothes and props that you already have rather than spending money on a one-time use costume.

Exercises such as this will sharpen your skills — not just for Halloween, but for problems and situations to come.  

It’s a treat when you have creativity in your bag of tricks. 

— beth triplett

Some ideas from Real Simple, October 2011

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