An ad for the seasonal Halloween party store asked: “Who you gonna be?”.  While they were referring to costumes, I think it is a question that you could ask yourself every day.

The choices of occupations are almost limitless, but who you choose to be is even more open to you.

Are you going to be the innovator who comes up with a new idea for your team?

Could you be the peacemaker who works to build bridges between disparate parties?

Or maybe you will be the worker-bee who handles the logistics to make plans become a reality?

Today do you choose to be the futurist who challenges assumptions and the status quo?

Are you the one who will be the comforter of the sad and downtrodden?

Perhaps you will be the one who adds that extra touch to help something become special?

Or can you be the one to be the dot-connector and make linkages between new thoughts?

I am reminded of a quote by Mayim Bialik: “It’s powerful to shut everything down and just BE. We are, after all, human BEings and not human DOings, right?”

Take some time to reflect on the question of who you are going to be — not just for today, but for the lifetime to come.

— beth triplett

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