When most people think about catering for showers or wedding events, boutique caterers come to mind. Panera is trying to change that by positioning itself as an option for such occasions with its “Eat. Drink. Be Married” promotional campaign. Panera is promoting its food for bridal party brunches, welcome weekend breakfasts, and even utilizing Panera gift cards as wedding presents.

As a known, reliable, well-liked food provider, it may work as an option that people had not considered before their advertising. Panera has always done boxed food delivery and expanding that service to a different audience may work for them.

Have a brainstorming session and generate a list of all the people who could benefit from your product or service. Go crazy with far-fetched options — then see if one of the niches may be worth an experiment to cater to a new market with what you currently offer.

Thanks, Meg!

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