There are as many ways to keep track of tasks as there are people doing the tracking. Some make many lists; others have no lists (gasp!!), while still others maintain a mixture of short and long-term items they must do.

I manage my tasks through a sorting process of longer-term/today and quicker-to-do vs. major projects that I need to address. I also like the prioritization process that Stacey Abrams uses: Gotta do, Need to do, Oughta Do, and Might Get Around to It! The informal language makes it easy for her (and you?) to see where each task belongs and to stay focused on the Gotta Do’s first.

You’ve probably been keeping lists without really thinking about how — or if — they are helping you achieve your goals. Take a moment to consider whether a new format would work better for you and experiment with different list-making strategies. It’s not something that you’ve Gotta Do, but it might help you be more productive in the long run if you Get Around to It.

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