You would guess that a chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu and had experience with one of the most prestigious catering companies in Washington DC would be working at a fancy restaurant, but instead, he’s the Executive Chef for the cafeteria at the Smithsonian’s American Museum. Although it’s a traditional cafeteria set-up with different stations of food, they have shown that institutional food doesn’t have to be ordinary. By hiring an executive chef, the museum elevated its offerings in variety and taste and became a popular destination for diners on the National Mall.

Think of what position you have that would enhance your whole organization if you invested in a star for that role. Someone to do your marketing and branding instead of tacking those responsibilities onto someone’s job? A social media influencer? An interior designer who could transform your spaces? A financial analyst that could rethink your budgeting and investment strategies? A landscaper who could distinguish your outside presence?

You likely can’t afford a top-notch person for every position but think hard about which functions deserve to be led by the best. Hiring a rockstar in a non-traditional role could be a game-changer for the entire organization.

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