Starbucks founder Howard Schultz is known for his signature sign-off of “Onward,” a phrase he used so frequently that it became the title of his best-selling book. I have a colleague who ends all of her emails with “Sunshine and Smiles,” an apt closing for one of the most positive people I know. One of our community leaders signs off with “Keep Pushing” in all his emails and posts.

I’m a fan of these personal branding mechanisms — they reinforce a key message through repetition and are very authentic to those using them. I’ve toyed around with a signature sign-off of my own but haven’t quite landed on one that truly resonates (suggestions welcome!).

What about you? It’s a missed opportunity to close with something so generic that it is overlooked. Take advantage of your ability to communicate distinctiveness and authenticity with a closing that becomes part of your personal brand.

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