Most people understand email etiquette that limits the use of “reply all” to very select circumstances, but those same people think nothing of posting a message in Slack or Teams that then is broadcast out to everyone on the channel.

If we added up the time that unnecessary “pings” cost organizations in lost productivity, I think we would be astonished. In addition to the literal time it takes for people to read irrelevant (to them) messages, there is additional transition time for them to get back into the groove of what they were doing before the notification popped up. It’s against the norm to shut off or ignore the group app for fear of missing the necessary information but it could be waaaaay more efficient if people would use direct messaging instead of posting everything to a group where all the resulting emoji comments also trigger to everyone.

Every time you hit “send” you’re interrupting the flow of everyone on that channel. Do yourself and your team a favor and think twice before mass posting on your organization’s system.

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