A bug divebombed directly into my eye and caused an irritation that necessitated a visit to the doctor. He prescribed eye drops that came in a teeny-tiny bottle for $65. The entire contents are less than a thimbleful (if you’re old enough to know what that is!) or, in other words, far less than a soda bottle capful. Not much!

I put the prescribed drop in my eye while I was still at the pharmacy and a miracle occurred. The eye that had been in pain for 36 hours was relieved before I made it to my car.

For many things, we think that bigger is better, but the eye drops reminded me it’s the impact that counts, not the size. If you have the right strategy, right idea, or right hire, you don’t need to focus on volume. Great power can come from a singular source.

P. S. Happy 11th Anniversary Leadership Dots! Another example of how small drops (aka dots) can have a bigger impact.

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