In our area, the ads attempting to encourage people to get a Covid vaccine have taken a markedly different slant. Instead of providing information, highlighting the science behind the shots, talking about how the vaccines are safe, or even promoting “we’re all in this together,” now the announcements are appealing to emotions. The newest ads tell stories about how health care workers have done their part and been through so much — “can’t you help them out by getting your shot?” It is a softer message, devoid of hard facts.

And I think it’s a great approach.

People who have decided not to be vaccinated are not going to be swayed by a library full of scientific studies. It’s about something different for them, and the newer ads try to reach those who may be open to persuasion through compassion for the caregivers.

There are many situations where people have solidified their beliefs to the point where no amount of new information is going to change their minds. It might be about a candidate, an idea, or a relationship — but no matter what you say, it will never be enough to persuade them to share your conclusion. After laying out your argument, you’re wasting your energy if you expect more facts to make a difference. If they are dug in, there’s something else at play. Logic is not an effective response to illogic. Try a new tactic.

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