My housemate was out of town last week and I found myself being incredibly productive! I worked one night until 1 a.m. (even though I’m an early-to-bed girl). I completed a major project while curled up on my couch. I did the heavy-lifting for a new session while still in pajamas with papers spread all over the floor.

There is a lot of advice urging people to dedicate a workspace and to cultivate a routine to enhance efficiency, especially while temporarily working from home. That advice makes sense — except when it doesn’t.

While you may benefit from habits, they also form patterns that can easily morph into a rut. Don’t wait for others to vacate your house to mix up your work. Swap desks with someone for a day. Work from outside. Get dressed up as if you were actually in the office. Sit on the floor. Take your laptop to the basement. Clear everything off your desk while you tackle a key project. Make the television your computer monitor for an afternoon — just do something different for you.

You can get back to your routine later, but gaining a new perspective may be more valuable than efficiency for a few days.

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