I’ve been walking my dogs without their pronged collars and all was going well — until it wasn’t. When the beloved male dogs from down the street crossed our path, I feared I was headed back to physical therapy from the tugging. It seems the no-frills collar works well when there is no need for serious restraint but it’s lacking when an issue arises.

There are so many situations where we take actions that only accommodate normal circumstances but are inadequate for anything more, even if behaviors outside the norm can easily be expected. It’s possible to successfully text and drive — until someone stops in front of you. The power grid in Texas worked well without insulation — until it froze. It saves time having just one person handle the books — until that person loses their ethical way.

Adding redundancies, planning for unusual situations, and investing in making things better than they usually need to be may seem like a waste of resources — until it’s not. The wise person knows it’s easier to prepare than to repair.

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