We often use greeting cards to convey sentiments that we feel but can’t quite put into words, and our thoughts about the pandemic are no exception. In a sign of the times, Hallmark features a fun line of virus-related cards designed to share our thoughts during COVID.

Some examples:

  • You’re like Netflix during a pandemic – I couldn’t live without you
  • Fire is red, dumpsters are gritty. I’m sorry right now – isn’t great
  • Look at the bright side of a virtual birthday party! – No need to share your cake. No need to wear pants.

You can take a cue from Hallmark and share sentiments that acknowledge reality, even if that is a dumpster fire right now. Don’t hold back from letting others know you’re thinking about them just because you don’t have a litany of rosy thoughts to share. Your communication always needs to be real, but not always cheery.


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