As you’re ideating about how to create synergy to be able to curate into your goals for the new year, you may be tempted to dialogue with some colleagues, touch base with a mentor, or reach out to your network to drill down on your choices.

Are you ready to stop reading yet?

As cliché-filled as the opening sentence was, too many people use some or all of those words when talking in the office environment. CNBC has outlined the 11 most annoying business jargon words and the first sentence features half of them. Yikes!

It becomes a vicious circle – the more popular words become, the more we instinctively use them because we hear them so often. It seems right to say “touch base” or “circle back” instead of simply saying we’ll discuss something later because that’s what everyone else is saying. But filling our communication with jargon can easily go too far and dilute the message we are trying to convey.

Take a moment to review the list and see if you can find some low-hanging fruit to delete even one of the phrases from your vocabulary!

Thanks, Brian!

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