People aren’t the only ones that have let a few curse words fly in recent days. It seems that a quintet of parrots at a British wildlife park began spouting off some unsavory words of their own. Five birds, all from different owners, spent some time together in quarantine and picked up some salty language – that they freely shared in front of visitors. While the adults found the insults humorous, the caretakers didn’t think the cursing would go over well with children around and had to take the birds out of earshot.

I share this story to give you a good laugh – and some perspective. Think of these parrots when you are dealing with your next annoyance or problem at work. Everyone has their own set of problems. Everyone has aspects of their job that they expect to be ordinary but sometimes go haywire. Everyone needs to deal with things that they can’t believe they are having to address. And sometimes you just need to #$%@$ to get through the day!





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