At a basketball game, I was fortunate enough to sit next to Sophie, a gorgeous black lab. Sophie is a service-dog-in-training and was at the game to help her become socialized and accustomed to loud noises.

What intrigued me about Sophie is that the family who brought her is fostering her – just for this weekend. It’s part of the socialization process to have the dogs spend time with different people in new environments. This family has this weekend with this dog, then another weekend with another dog, etc.

So often we think of commitments as all or nothing but there really are many more options in between. Maybe you aren’t in a position to own a dog or foster it for extended periods, but could you socialize one for a few weekends? The same is true in most other settings: you can volunteer for one night at the soup kitchen without having to sign up for every week; you could make calls one time for your candidate without volunteering to canvass nightly, or you can help with one event without committing to the committee.

The next time you do nothing because you can’t do everything, think of Sophie and say yes to one part.


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