I just finished The Christmas Shopaholic novel and it occurred to me that the holiday has spawned an entire genre of its own. There is a whole section of Christmas-themed books at the Library, both in print and audio. Radio stations devote their entire playlist for weeks to Christmas music. Hallmark has a cottage industry with its holiday movie series, but many others on television as well as in the movie theater base their plots around the Christmas theme. When taken as a whole, it is an amazing amount of art produced with one holiday at its core.

Consider whether this presents an opportunity for you or your organization. Maybe you can create your own Christmas-based story or video to add to the offerings. On a personal level, maybe you can craft a gift basket of books, music and movies that celebrate the occasion and use it as an actual present or as the prize in a raffle. Perhaps you can organize a holiday-art swap and exchange Christmas favorites so that others can expand their themed consumption next year. Or maybe you can start with Christmas as a theme for your next writing prompt since it appears to stimulate others’ artistic production.

Whether you create it or consume it, take a few moments in the craziness of the next week to enjoy some of the holiday magic that authors, artists and musicians have compiled for you.



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