When I think of Disney princesses, what comes to mind is their beautiful gowns and jewels. Disney has already made a fortune selling replicas of the costumes to little girls and now it is spreading its princess magic to the adults with an Enchanted fine jewelry line. It makes perfect sense: translate those tiaras and bling into real jewels that capitalize on the Disney allure.

Think about all the businesses that offer some replica of a signature item for others to purchase — athletic teams sell jerseys, zoos have stuffed animals, cooks sell pans or aprons. We all want to be closer to organizations which we love and take a piece of it home with us.

What is your organization’s distinguishing item that you could sell as is (jerseys) or in a modified version (Disney’s jewels)? Aligning your organization with a desired product does far more for your brand than just placing your logo on promotional materials. It’s worth the effort to find something that will enchant your clients!

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