It seems that if a soundtrack becomes quite popular, the next step is for a collection of artists to release a remix album that modifies the core music into something similar but new. It happened with Hamilton and now with The Greatest Showman. Both musicals have remix versions on which famous performers alter the music to their own interpretation. It’s obviously the same song, but it’s also not.

Even though the original way of doing it was great, change is encouraged for the second album. The soundtrack music served one purpose and the remix album is free from the need to fit into the structured framework of the show. As a result, some of the songs are even better in the reimagined version.

I think these remix albums can be a metaphor for the type of diversity we seek to cultivate in organizations. Everyone is singing from the same songbook, but there is room for varied expression and significant differences. The underlying medley is preserved and shared in a personalized way.

Today, do one thing that encourages a remix of your organization’s music. What will that be?

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