Each year 650,000 people in the United States receive some form of chemotherapy — drugs that can have negative effects on cancer cells but also on the person receiving the treatment. To serve this large population, Walgreens has created a set of services that provide pharmaceutical assistance, beauty consultation and online resources to help patients address some of the side effects of chemotherapy.

Under the umbrella of “Feel More Like You”, Walgreens has recognized that a large market exists of people who have changing skin, hair, prescription and sunlight sensitivity needs because of their treatment. By coordinating services that fit well in their normal business operations, Walgreens can gain customers and goodwill through one initiative.

While Walgreens added a website and did some training of personnel, the vast majority of what “Feel More Like You” provides already existed but as independent pieces instead of a cohesive program. Tying disparate parts together increased the impact significantly and made something generic into a unique whole.

What does your organization provide that could be presented in a more unified way?  ]





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