In addition to the excellent set of organizational assessment questions, Performance Practice (the resource I shared yesterday) is accompanied by a library of short videos to illustrate the premise of each of its seven modules.

One of my favorites is this four-minute video that provides an example of the leadership module in action. If your organization has ever had an event that is very popular – but perhaps not the best use of your resources to accomplish your mission – Pastor William Attaway’s message may resonate well. He describes a process that his board used to evaluate whether or not to continue an event – and the lessons they learned from the pushback they received when communicating that it would be discontinued.

It is never easy to make decisions that are in the long-term interest of an organization but have emotional implications in the short-term — which is why many continue programs without question. It takes fortitude and forethought to stop doing something, but often that is the only way to free up the resources (human and financial) necessary to do something better.

As Jim Collins wrote as the first line in his best-selling book*: “Good is the enemy of great.” What good event are you doing that should be stopped to make room for greatness?

*Good to Great by Jim Collins, 2001


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