I’m sorry. To all the friends, family and strangers I met in line at the movie theater to whom I recommended MoviePass, I offer my apology. It was great in the beginning, but never have I seen a company implode as thoroughly as this one has.

When I signed up, it was under the premise that I could watch “one movie/day.” There were no other restrictions. It was such great fun all winter – I saw movies I would have never seen otherwise; I went to great movies multiple times; I could go at whatever time I liked, and it was as easy as using a credit card. Since then, every time I receive a communication from MoviePass it is to make the service more restrictive – without grandfathering in those of us who purchased an annual pass. Now there are only dinnertime options or 10pm (no prime evening showings), you can’t see a movie more than once, new releases are embargoed for two weeks and you have to photograph and upload your ticket stub – all providing that the app is working and hasn’t been shut down due to default or design on MoviePass’ end. I could never recommend them today.

MoviePass will be a business school case study someday – in my class if no other – that highlights the importance of a realistic financial plan and the importance of taking care of your early customers. If they had changed their terms but allowed us to have the original conditions of our contract, I could understand the need to do so. If they had changed the rules once and not grandfathered us in, I could maybe even stomach that. But repeatedly diminishing what we originally signed up for – under the guise of “terms and conditions may change” – is just poor, poor business practice and akin to bait and switch.

I gave MoviePass a free pass after their first two reductions in service, but their latest has sent me over the edge. To all my friends and family, I now say: “Take a pass on MoviePass”. What you sign up for today is likely not what you will receive tomorrow.

I'm the chief connector at leadership dots where I serve as "the string" for individuals and organizations. Like stringing pearls together to make a necklace, "being the string" is an intentional way of thinking and behaving – making linkages between things that otherwise appear random or unconnected – whether that be supervising a staff, completing a dissertation or advancing a project in the workplace. I share daily leadership dots on my blog to provide examples of “the string” in action. I use the string philosophy through coaching, consulting and teaching to help others build capacity in themselves and their organizations. I craft analogies and metaphors that help people comprehend complex topics and understand their role in the system. My favorite work involves helping those new to supervision or newly promoted supervisors build confidence and learn the skills necessary to effectively lead their team.

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