Author Clint Smith recently shared the following Tweet: “I went to the post office today & had this moment where I was like wow man the post office is conceptually amazing. You put something in an envelope, lick a sticker, hand it to someone, and they literally bring it anywhere in the world. That’s wild! Shout out to the post office.”

 I feel that way every time I fly on an airplane. Some days I can barely lift my own suitcase, yet you can take that weight x 200 and add in 200 passengers and still land it in a precise location with a great overall safety record – and do it thousands of times each day.

I have always been amazed by electricity and now I marvel at by wi-fi. Who would have believed that I could be on a boat ride in the middle of a river, read an email and then send my reply – all within seconds? Or that you literally touch a piece of glass in order to do so on your smartphone?

Technology is moving at a rapid pace – in a few years self-driving cars or Mars landings may become common – but already remarkable surrounds us. Take a moment today to appreciate some of the wonders that you normally take for granted.

*Tweet by @ClintSmithIII, 7/13/18

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